Massive flare

I hope that this isn't in response to being pregnant... My joints are really not very happy today. I didn't get to sleep until 3.30am despite being tired, due to the awful bone crunching pain and feeling of sickness or poisoning in all of my joints. I woke up early this morning in the same pain so went in a hot shower, got dressed and then had to lie under a duvet on the sofa.  I stayed there for a while but the pain was unrelenting so I got back into bed and managed to fall asleep until lunchtime. I'm back on the sofa now and feel very uncomfortable. The pain is just not like anything I can find a comparison to... I get aching pains, bone pain similar to when you fracture something and then I get this awful pain that I can only describe as like my joints are poisoning me and that they feel sick.   I hope that I am one of the fortunate ones that go into remission in pregnancy.

I worried so much yesterday about losing the baby and all the things that could go wrong but decided that enough was enough. I prayed about it, gave all my worries to God and today I feel so much calmer. If I have a miscarriage, will worrying about it change the course? No, but I know and trust that prayer works and God's will for my life is the best way even if that does include really tough times.

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