Second lot of bloods

So I went to have the second lot of bloods taken today and found out the results from the first lot (taken on Wednesday afternoon) and they had come back positive so at least that on the day I got a negative test, I did get a positive on the bloods.  I feel a sense of relief about this but I am still waiting for the HCG levels to come back after the weekend.

Last night I was in so much from my joints and started to cry.  I hardly ever cry about the pain as I am pretty hardy.  My husband says that I am the hardiest person he knows! I just feel like I have a lot on at the moment - badly flaring joints, early pregnancy, early pregnancy scares (!), sore boobs, a kidney infection, stomach cramps, back ache, lots of big meetings at work that I'm leading on, a trip away for the day next week that I'm leading on also and a lack of sleep.  Does that seem like a lot?  My husband is going to ban me from going to work on Monday if I have a bad weekend with my joints as he thinks that all this is just too much and I need to rest.

I'm off to do some serious resting this evening....I don't want to miss work!


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