In and out of hospital

Oh what a last few days!  I've not been feeling too well over the last week or so and have been getting contractions on and off.  On Saturday, I phoned the maternity hospital and they thought that it sounded like a urine infection and said I needed to get some antibiotics.  So I called the out of hours doctor who wanted to see me.  They gave me antibiotics and I went on my way.  Since then I have been feel more and more unwell and left work today at lunchtime.  I saw the GP this evening and she sent me to the maternity hospital and I got seen really quickly.  They gave me much better antibiotics and tested my urine which by now was showing more signs of infection than on Saturday.  I was allowed to go home rather than stay in under the strict instructions to phone them tomorrow if I feel any worse.  I am seeing the obstetrician on Wednesday anyway, otherwise I got the impression they would have kept me in overnight.  The midwife also had a go at hearing the baby's heartbeat! We could hear it for a few seconds before it moved out of the way again, and then it would come back again!  The midwife said it was a good heart rate too.  I'm now in bed about to try and eat some dinner.  A lovely lovely friend sent round a food parcel!  3 bags of Waitrose goodies to keep us going. How lovely.

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