33+4 and George's due date (16.11.12)

The 16th November should have been a very different day to what it was this year.  It was George's due date.  I took some photos of his rose bush which is flowering again this year!

Last week the consultant wanted to put me on a monitor to just check that everything was okay as I'd felt the baby move less.  Turns out all was absolutely fine.

I am getting very excited about nearing our little baby's due date.  It's only 6+2 weeks away and full term is only 3+2 weeks away!!! We've packed the bags and have been practising the hypnobirthing techniques we learned in our classes.  I've been getting ever so uncomfortable and can't sit on the sofa, lie in bed, or in the car for long before I get little feet or a squishy bottom in my ribs.  I'm getting up once or twice a night to go to the loo and really not sleeping very well but can't wait for our baby to arrive.

The nursery is all finished and I love just sitting in it, listening to relaxing music, especially The Seal Lullaby (Eric Whitacre) which reminds me of both our babies.  I've just ironed three last white newborn sleepsuits and about to put them away in the drawers in the nursery.  Oh I could spend all day in there pottering around and reorganising things!

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