Full term plus 2

I made it! Unbelievably! After the roller coaster journey we've been on it is such a relief to no longer be having a premature baby. I am so grateful.

At 36+6 I saw my consultant who said that the baby's head was only 1/5th palpable and that he might see me later that night or the next day as he thought I'd be going into labour sooner than later... I'm still not in labour but I am I hospital as there were concerns about my blood pressure. I have spent all day in hospital being checked and there was talk of inducing me tonight if the blood test results came back showing pre eclampsia. Fortunately they didn't but they still wanted to keep me in to be monitored. I'm having my blood pressure taken every four hours.

Being on an antenatal ward is always quite eventful. I am surrounded by people would have been induced and are in labour. The girl opposite has just been whisked off to delivery as she was needing to push and it sounds like the lady in the corner isn't far off!!

I'm getting lots of sharp pains in my pelvis and tightenings but trying to relax through them.   I'd love some sleep but it's so hot on the ward lights are on and it's obviously noisy, it's hard to get any sleep. I'm hoping to get home tomorrow and sleep all day!

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