33 weeks and struggling

I had been enjoying less joint pain and systemic feeling of being run over by a bus during the middle part of my pregnancy. Now however, in the 3rd trimester, my joints and general flu like feeling is unrelenting. I am concerned about how I am going to manage looking after a newborn, lack of sleep, keeping going etc. Then I remember I have done this once before and both my first child and I survived to tell the tale!

I am trying to think through what I can get organised now in order to make things easier once the baby is here....ideas so far....

1. Somewhere for the baby to sleep upstairs and downstairs so that I avoid the stairs in the day
2. A changing table downstairs and upstairs for the same reason...both stocked with clothes, wipes, nappies etc
3. Enough muslins around the house that I don't have to move unnecessarily
4. Cooking for the freezer now so that I have meals I can just defrost and cook rather than having to prepare anything
5. Easy clothes for me to dress the baby in - nothing with fiddly buttons
6. Sling to carry the baby in to reduce the stress on my arms (good sling makes - Manduca, Ergo, Close parent caboo stretchy, Moby......all of these have a wide base for the baby to sit comfortably in. Avoid ones with a narrow base where the baby has their legs just hanging down. The best position for the baby's hips is where their legs and bottom are in a froggy position like an M)
7. Setting up various feeding stations around the house - muslins, bottles of water for me, phone charger (!) snacks and the cushions I will need to support the baby and I comfortably
8. Activities for my older child to help themselves to - all the little activity packs I have made require minimal movement from me. Most of them are craft that can be done sitting on the sofa with me or at the kitchen table
9. A thermos flask or insulated cup for hot drinks
10. Husband prepped and ready to make lunches for all of us the night before and put in the fridge to help with the amount of getting ready in the morning

Anyone got any more good ideas?

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