Food, glorious food

During the first month of being Methotrexate free my joints flared up to the point of me hopping around my bedroom on one leg trying to bend enough to get the other leg into my jeans...much hilarity ensued when I phoned my Mum and told her of my predicament...'Well what do you want me to do when I'm 300 miles away?'  The ever sensible Mother suggested a coat hanger and hooking the belt loops...yes okay that worked. Well done Mum!

If I was going to be able to continue through 5 more months without medication (although I am still on Enbrel) then I needed a back up plan to make me feel as if I was doing something to help myself complete Operation Up The Duff.  In the past I had tried various bonkers diets to eliminate certain food types to see if they had an effect on the RA inflammation.  To no avail sadly.  One year I think all I ate was apples.

This time around I want to have another go to see if anything will have an effect.  I had heard from a dubious internet source that the Nightshade family (peppers, potatoes, tomatoes etc) produced 'inflammation' chemicals (I have absolutely nothing scientific to back this up so do your own research!) so I thought that I would cut out those and also stop drinking coffee, tea, wine (sad times) and would stop eating any processed food.  My diet is pretty healthy as it goes and I like to eat good quality home-cooked food so making those small changes hasn't affected me and my kitchen terribly.

Although green tea or hot water and lemon just don't live up to fresh coffee and a refreshing glass of wine at the end of a hard day, mentally they are spurring me on to give my body the best chance of fighting this awful disease and to cope with the incredible pain and exhaustion in light of trying to conceive.  I am not saying that this will fix all my problems but for me personally, it helps me manage them.

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