A very exciting day

I have always been told that I need to be off the Methotrexate for 6 months before trying to conceive so when my Nurse Practitioner told me of a test to check the levels of Methotrexate in my blood I could have leapt for joy (if only the RA wasn't pinning me firmly to the floor!).  I had to be at the hospital today so I dropped in the clinic and asked for the paperwork.  The nurse went off to organise it and came back and said that she had misunderstood the test and it was only possible to test the Methotrexate levels if someone had overdosed.  Any traces left in me wouldn't show up.  *Huge disappointment* until she said if I've been off it 3 months the doctor she spoke to said that it would be okay to start trying to conceive!  *Huge grin and floated on Cloud 9 out of the clinic!* 

Ironically I am one day out on my cycle after ovulation to try this month...but the immense thought that the Methotrexate is out of my system is so freeing.



  1. best of luck, i hope you get preggers soon :) im 27 and on mtx since march so i was always worrying about the whole pregnancy thing! just wondering how you are feeling now that you are off it? can you feel it getting worse or is it at bay?

  2. Hi Laney, thanks very much for your comment. How are you finding the Mtx? I had been on it for a good decade (amazing how time flies!) Honestly, I am feeling increasing unwell without the medications I have been relying on even though they weren't working to their full capacity and I had been deteriorating anyway. I'm not bed-ridden, I am still working four days a week and can just about still drive so things aren't terrible but the evenings are agony. I am on steroids so I imagine that I probably would be more on the bed-ridden/sick leave scale if I wasn't taking steroids. I hope that helps.