The bigger picture

After a good chat with a friend who is also trying to conceive, we reminded ourselves to see the bigger picture. Having a baby, or another baby is not the be all and end all of our lives and actually there is no need to get caught up in the intensity of wanting a baby right now. As Christians we both feel strongly that if this is God's plan for us, it will happen in His good timing - a huge burden off our shoulders to say the least!

I am so fortunate to be so involved in the lives of my Godchildren (both nearly 2) and they bring such joy to me, especially when I can hand them back if they are being total monkeys!!! I would hope that at some point A and I would have a baby to love and cherish but am keen to not let my desire and longing for a child would cloud my outlook on the rest of my life.

The steroids seem to be helping in the mornings and somewhat in the afternoons but come the evenings I could tear off my legs and be in less pain!  Learning to live with this new stage is hard but I'm coping.  A keeps encouraging me and knowing that it won't be forever does help.

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