In clinic today

I saw the Nurse Practioner today and we discussed the options for post birth which seems very strange seeing as I am not even pregnant yet!  The next drug to move on to is Rituximab (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rituximab) which is given as an infusion in hospital for a day and then you go back two weeks later for a second infusion.  Apparently it is a drug that either works or it doesn't so that is good to know that I will know either way rather than wondering if it is sort of working!!

The nurse confirmed that the only medication I can be taking whilst trying to conceive/possibly pregnant is paracetamol and the steroids.  She did another DAS score test (which I have at every appointment now) and said that I needed to 'score' a high level of disease activity to be able to go onto the Rituximab.  Because I have  been on the steroids I was concerned that the test wouldn't give an accurate picture of how my joints are but the nurse said that if that was the case they would simply reduce the steroids until I flared (oh thanks very much!) and then I would score highly on the test.  As it was I scored incredibly highly on the test even with the steroids so that is good in some way.

My GP had told me about the need for a calcium infusion after I give birth to replace the calcium I lose from taking the steroids.  The nurse had never heard of this.  I am wondering if anyone else has heard of this?

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    Got to love all the contradictory info!