Overwhelming exhaustion

To be honest, I am not sure I'll get to the end of this post without having to stop for a rest!

Yesterday my friend went into labour with her second, so I had a phone call to come over and look after her toddler...however this was 1.30am!  So off I went to her house and all in all got only an hours sleep before I had to get up and look after the little one all day.  He is a gorgeous boy with lots of energy (and a birthday party in the afternoon that I took him to!) and we had a great time but oh my goodness, I do not recommend this with RA, no medication and 1 hour sleep... I got home about 6.30pm and lay on the sofa hardly having the energy to breathe!  Fortunately, a friend came over and cooked me a delicious dinner as the husband was away, and then I fell asleep watching Strictly.

I woke up this morning feeling totally horrendous so went in the shower and went back to bed.  I eventually got up properly mid afternoon and it has been a struggle to do literally anything.  The pain isn't great at all but the thing that is mostly affecting me is overwhelming exhaustion.  I can hardly hold my head up and typing this post is a huge effort.

The pressure to conceive as soon as possible with the hope of my arthritis going into remission is hard to ignore.  Obviously I can't do anything about the timing but I know that I will beat myself up if it doesn't happen quickly!

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  1. oh sweetie, sorry you've had such a bad time. Fingers crossed it will happen quickly for you x