Not a normal Christmas...

First I need to apologise for my absence from blogging over the last few weeks...I have a number of fairly credible excuses but first of all, let me say 'Happy Christmas'! 

The last few weeks have been particularly difficult with my arthritis and no medication (apart from 15 mg of Prednisone) and as the time has gone on, it has become harder to keep my flare up under control.  Our plan this Christmas was to go to A's family which in theory should have been fine.  To be honest, my biggest concern was how was I going to explain the lack of a glass of wine in my hand.  Turns out I needn't have worried, a) because I am not pregnant yet but b) I was so unwell that I didn't feel like moving let alone drinking anything!  

We arrived at A's family on Christmas Eve and in the run up to that, I had been feeling increasing unwell with my arthritis.  The flare up was making me feel incredibly fatigued, in a huge amount of pain - like the disease was corroding my joints like acid rather than the normal pain, and very tearful.  I just kept crying because of the pain.  I do not normally cry at pain, and I can withstand a rather large amount before it 'gets' me emotionally, so I knew that this was really bad.  During the night and early Christmas Day morning, I began to feel immensely sick with the pain and this is something that I have rarely experienced with relation to my arthritis.  Fortunately there were some anti-sickness tablets to hand in the house so I was able to take those and by about 1pm I came down and sat quietly on the sofa.  This was not the Christmas Day I thought it was going to be.  For the rest of the day I managed to no be sick, not move too much and open some presents.  Over the next few days I started to feel less sick but the corrosive joint pain is still very much there.  I wonder if this is damage being done to my joints now that I am off the medication?  I don't know. 

Long term joint damage is not something I really want to consider.

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    Hugs xxx Fingers crossed for an awesome New Year for us both! x