All in good time

This has been our first month of trying to conceive.  I am not convinced that I ovulated this month so I think that I might call next month our first month of trying!  After many hilarious moments of peeing on sticks of one sort or another I think we can safely come to the conclusion that I am not up the duff.  And when I say 'sticks' I mean pregnancy tests (many of them!) rather than the twig/forest/tree variety - no peeing on those sticks - joints to painful and stiff to walk very far so no rambles in the countryside miles from a loo!

So onwards to another month.  I hope that this getting up the duff malarky doesn't take too long because a) I am very impatient and b) it hurts, every bone in my body hurts and the novelty of only taking paracetamol as pain relief is wearing very thin and not being allowed wine 'just in case I am pregnant' is most unfair.

Any ideas to combat the longing to drink a nice glass of chilled wine, cosy warm red wine or festive spicy mulled wine would be well received....


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