This is just not working

Positive mental attitude has gone right out the window today.  I really am not sure I can keep going with like things like they are at the moment without changing something to make things easier.  I am beyond tired.  Saying I am tired really doesn't do it justice, and it doesn't explain to people really how I feel.  I hurt. I really hurt. I hurt all over and in every joint. But that doesn't give much of an explanation either.  I don't feel like me. Not that I really ever feel like the old me anymore.  The old me is still 16, sporty, dashing around fitting in everything I wanted to do, and happy-go-lucky.

I am trying to be the old me - trying to do a very hectic job, trying to keep seeing friends and being there for them to support them, trying to keep the house work under control, trying to take all the responsibility, trying for a baby, trying, trying, trying to be "normal".  But this is just not working and I am just not sure what to do....without medication.

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