Question answered in the affirmative

So it turns out that I did ovulate which is good...now I just have the awful wait to find out if Operation Up the Duff has been successful.  It is hard not to get your hopes up - the excitement of being pregnant, and the potential to go into remission for a bit is an added benefit!

The stressful week at work ended with me trying to sleep a lot this weekend and trying to recover physically and mentally.  My joints have been plaguing me with shooting paining and chronic severe aches that are stopping me from sitting comfortably or sleeping properly.  I am still taking the steroids (15mg) but really wanting to reduce them as I hate the thought of being on them for very long. The Plaquenil is potentially helping a bit but it can take up to 12 weeks to work fully.  Oh for all this to be over.

It is getting harder to stay positive about being off the medication.  The pain is overwhelming sometimes.

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