To tell or not to tell?

My boss that is... Do I tell him that we are trying for a family, off the medication and this is why my arthritis is so out of control at the moment leaving me falling to pieces?  
I really need to weigh this up carefully because I do not want to make the wrong decision...

He would know that there was a reason for me being so unwell and that at some point when I restart the medication that I will be better than I am now.
He might be able to put some kind of system in place to help support me.
He has more of a chance to start thinking about staffing.

Will I be treated differently? 
Do I want my boss to know about my personal plans?


  1. I wouldnt tell your boss personally. There are a million and one reasons why your health may not be so good at the minute, none of which are really his business unless youre putting others at risk. He may view it as its your decision and therefore your fault that youre not that well and treat you badly as a result. Or maybe im too pesimistic.

  2. Hi, how well do you know your boss and how long have you worked for him/her???
    This is one for me to ponder I think.....

  3. Thanks for your replies. I've worked at the same place for a wee while so know my boss quite well. I still haven't said anything and am now hoping that I will get pregnant before it gets too much worse.