A visit from the Community OT

I had a visit at home yesterday from the Community Occupational Therapist which seemed to go well and she thinks that she can start making life a bit easier for me.  I had to answer lots of questions and she had a look around the house (must be a great job if you are nosy like me and like to see where people live!) to see what things she could offer.  So after an hour and a half, she's going to get me a bath lift that will rise up, I jump on and then it lowers me down and vice versa which should help a massive amount.  She is also going to get me 2 stools (one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen), a bed rest (to prop me up a bit in bed so I can get more sleep hopefully), another banister on the stairs and a bar to pull myself up on to get out of bed.  All this hopefully will make a difference.  It is really hard to accept this help as I just want to be "normal"....but if this is what it means to be off my medication to have a baby, then so it be, I'll have all the help I can get.

The pain has racked up another couple of notches and I have become very distracted and can't seem to concentrate because of it.  It is making my job even harder than it already is because I keep making mistakes and then having to go back to sort them out.

Still no baby news.

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