It's the weekend!

I  was woken up this morning by the dulcet tones of our neighbours... beautiful singing you might hope? No, potentially making cakes and bashing the spoon on the side of the bowl.... Repeatedly and very loudly, enough to wake me up... At 1am.... So bang goes the blissful nights sleep with a lie in! In fact they might not have been making a cake but that's what it sounded like. Accompanying the noise of the loud cake making if that's what it was, the neighbours seemed to be talking far louder than should be allowed at 1am... I feel for their housemates who live there! Anyway I feel like I ought to get in on this cake this morning!!

My hands look like claws as the morning stiffness reigns on high. I am only in semi moderate pain which is a relief as I feel it ought to be my day off in every respect.  My husband is sermon writing this morning and no,  not for tomorrow, that would be cutting it fine! So I am a free agent today. What to do? OK maybe first of all, what not to do.... Do not under any circumstances over do it..... Am I listening? Half heartedly!

No joy on a pregnancy test this morning... This whole trying to get pregnant malarkey is far harder than any exam I've taken. Early days though.


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