Just relax...

How on earth are you meant to relax whilst trying to conceive? I am trying very hard not to stress about it but the tense wait to see if I am pregnant is pretty hard going.

I am 13 days post ovulation today and have had no different symptoms to a normal cycle. I think that I'm out for this month. I didn't test this morning because I didn't want to spend another day preoccupied with seeing a lack of two lines on a pregnancy test. Yesterday I tested and not seeing a positive test made me feel pretty rubbish all day so I'm going to just try and forget about testing and wait for a new cycle to begin again.

I've been chasing up all my referrals this morning and have actually got somewhere. I've been referred to another specialist GP to see whether they can help me get pregnant quicker due to my arthritis but when I phoned up I found out that I'm actually being referred to a obstetric consultant at the hospital. Now this has made me panic as in my mind this means that the GP feels as if this is not an easy problem to solve. I have also got on the case about the MRI scan for my knee (and possible operation), my Opthamology referral to check to see if I have Uveitis and a nurse practitioners appointment. I feel like I might as well move into the hospital!

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