Back from a lovely week away

We had a great time, I slept lots and rested well. It was a very much needed holiday. I would highly recommend a holiday soon after a miscarriage as it gives you some focus and well deserved rest time.

We saw my parents too and my Dad was very sweet and said just how sorry they were again with tears in his eyes. It nearly started me off!

I have got a couple of family and friends events coming up over the next few months so more things to look forward to. 

A close friend of mine is pregnant and has just announced it on Facebook. Fortunately I already knew but it still hit me hard reading that she had been for her scan. Of course I am so happy for her that everything seems well with her baby and pregnancy. She was so worried about miscarrying and talked to me about it. It was a hard conversation because I kept thinking at least she has the hope of her baby being okay whereas mine doesn't. She is due just before my due date.  I hope that I am pregnant by then.

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