Blooming? Or just bloomin' nausea?

Hooray it's 8 weeks today for me and the baby. I've just woken up from a very long afternoon siesta and still feel exhausted.

This morning I went to get my blood tests done to check blood group and all sorts of other things that I can't remember and as I came out of the room my original lovely GP was walking along the corridor and stopped for a chat which was very nice of her. She's been off on maternity leave and only just come back. I was surprised she knew who I was... Did I really go to see her that much? Obviously did! She said that I was looking really well which made me laugh as she's the third person in two days to say just how well I am looking. The other two were work colleagues who don't know I am pregnant. One even said I was blooming! So maybe the more sick you feel in pregnancy, the better you look? They should bottle this! So I let my old GP in on the secret that I was pregnant and she was very excited. She told me that when she was pregnant she didn't get sick just very hungry. One day she accidently locked herself in her spare bedroom as the handle fell off and she ended up breaking down the door to get food!

My nausea and tiredness are definitely getting worse but hopefully they will peak soon. Only 4 weeks until the next scan.  I hope that everything is alright in there.  My joints have been flaring over the last week or so which has made life pretty horrible.  Being pregnant this time doesn't seem to be doing much for my arthritis.

Mum pulled out all my old baby clothes from the attic last night and had fun going through them. This baby is going to have to embrace the 80s! She's found our old cot and high chair too which we can have at their house.

It's 24 degrees today and phew I am hot! George's rose is growing lots though... and the greenfly are loving it... Hmm need a plan!

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