Telling my family the news

Oh this was hilarious! We saw them at a wedding this past weekend so once they had got through the door and started unpacking their things I casually turned the conversation onto work and announced that I was going to take a years sabbatical from work starting in December this year... They looked at me, at each other and at me again... Then my Dad said 'You're pregnant!' They were over the moon.

We told my brother later on when he arrived. My Mum was in the room enjoying the story as it unfurled. I said to my brother that I think I might have not bought him a birthday present this year but I have already got him something for next year. He asked if it was an Austin Martin... I said no and that it was going to be a bit more of a commitment than a car... He asked if it was an animal... Hmm close! I then asked if he wanted to be an uncle for his birthday. I have never seen my brother look more speechless, gob smacked and excited in my life! He was thrilled and just couldn't believe it.

I am looking forward to telling my Granny next week for her birthday and the in laws too.

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