10 weeks today

It's been a real struggle to keep my eyes open today. Wow I am exhausted! The sickness seems to have been worse today and sea bands and eating hasn't helped. The only thing that works just about is a totally bonkers CD called Morning Well which you can buy from the NCT website or Amazon. It works by rebalancing your inner ears and has got a great track record in NHS trials.

I talked to my boss last night about starting Maternity leave at the beginning of November so that I can have a very good rest whilst heavily pregnant and coping with my arthritis. He thought that was a sensible idea and asked me what I was thinking about returning to work afterwards. I wouldn't ever want to not work where I do, I love it so much! So I told him this but I also said I just wouldn't be able to say until I had had the baby as my priorities would change and with my joints it would be hard to know how I would manage work as well.   I then asked about the possibility of returning after a few years, perhaps when my children are in nursery, and my boss nearly jumped out of his chair and said that the job is mine and they would very much want me back. How lovely! I was pleased as it gives me alot of reassurance that should a job be available when I am looking for one again, then I can go back. Brilliant!

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