12+1 today

I forgot that I was 12 weeks until I was going to sleep last night! The baby is now totally formed apparently and just has to chunk up!
The nausea has got a bit better and I can pretty much get through the day without panicking that I'm going to be sick. I feel much better now that I've had a scan and am less worried. The tiredness is still crippling and along with flaring joints, it's hard going at the moment.
I got into work yesterday and couldn't stop crying. I don't know whether it's just hormones or whether it's the pain in my joints coupled with a massive lack of proper sleep for a while. Probably everything! I was due to be going to a friend's birthday tea this afternoon but have had to pull out of going. I just need to rest. I think I push my body to the limits and then it always backfires!


  1. I have just sat at my computer and read back through all your posts after seeing your link on babycentre (on the hypnobirthing post I added). I have been in tears reading it! I am a Jan 13 mummy-to-be as well and have a history of Crohn's Disease and Spondyloarthritis. I was dx with CD at 21 and with arthritis in the past 4 years, though I have had symptoms for much longer. This elusive remission has been promised to me, too, and I am still waiting for it!

    It is so nice to 'meet' a fellow first time mum-to-be who is due in the same month as me AND has autoimmune arthritis. I hope we can support one another through the inevitable ups and downs of pregnancy and our illnesses.

    Wishing you all the best. Please stay in touch!
    Lucy x

  2. Congratulations to you, I am from the AC forum, perhaps you remember me? I have just passed on details of your blog to another person TTC who posted today.

    I am sure it will help her and many others. I am sure you find it therapeutic to write it all down. It does help.

    I so wish you well and it would be wonderful if you could call in on the forum, when your baby is born. We would love to congratulate you.

    Elna x