9 weeks and 3 days

I can officially confirm that the bump is out of control and will be requiring a parking permit of its own soon. The maternity jeans are on and oh so comfy. The sickness reached its peak, hopefully, this past week and I've been feeling a bit less sick which has been a relief. I am still more than exhausted though and needing to sleep in the afternoon.
It has been loads of fun telling family about the baby.
My Granny wasn't expecting us to knock on her door as we live about 5 hours from her so the day after we arrived at my parents we went round and knocked on her door... No answer so I phoned her and she was drying her hair upstairs and didn't hear the door. I told her she needed to answer the door as there was a delivery there for her... She hadn't cottoned on by this point so the look of surprise on her face when she opened the door was brilliant! We had some birthday presents for her too so went in and gave her those. In my Granny's birthday card we wrote love from us and Baby. She was absolutely thrilled and was so excited. I've never seen her look so overjoyed before! She kept saying that she was just speechless with excitement as she hadn't expected us to come all the way to visit her and also tell her about the baby too! I went round to hers the day after and she brought out a huge package and said she had something for me that she'd been working on for the last two or three years.... I opened it and she had knitted lots of beautiful cardigans, booties, mittens, hats and gorgeous 1950s leggings all wrapped carefully in tissue paper! Oh I was so pleased. At the bottom of the package there were two absolutely beautiful patchwork quilts - one in pinks and one in blues. She said that she didn't want to get to a point where she couldn't make things for our baby so she had started early! Oh I love my Granny just so much!!! She's now knitting some bigger sized cardigans...

We met up with my mother in law and told her (we had thought my father in law would be there too but wasn't so had to phone him!). We showed her the scan photo and she thought it was a hat... Admittedly she didn't have her glasses on but she was pleased when we told her it was her first grandchild! We then phoned my father in law and told him he'd missed out on a photo... My husband described the scan photo down the phone and he was delighted with the news too! He just kept saying what excellent news it was!!

We told my grandmother in law and she was so sweet! She said that all her friends are great grandmothers and now she gets to be one too! Our baby will be her first great grandchild.

On Friday we told my sister in law much the same way we told my brother. She was very excited and wanted to know all the ins and outs. She's a doctor and gave some sensible advice about going on maternity leave as early as possible with my joints. That night we phoned my other sister in law in Australia and told her the news. She's pleased too and said she's going to start thinking of some names! Excellent, we can have a family poll!!!

So... until the 12 week scan we are not telling anyone else.... My grandad and both our extended families will have to wait.... We have decided not to tell my grandad yet as I'm not sure he will be able to keep it a secret from the rest of the family. Everyone we have told so far are sworn to secrecy!

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