Back in hospital

Gah! Will I ever get out of here!! At least lunch is slightly less beige and a darn sight more tasty. This time I brought in emergency ketchup to combat anything beige! And hooray, vegetables! I spotted some fruit in the dining room too so I will raid that later. There are no beds at the moment so I'm having to wait in the day room which is really not very comfortable. I'd much rather go home.

So eventually I got a bed for the afternoon and evening but I persuaded them to let me go home as there weren't really going to do anything over the weekend. As soon as I started talking about going home doctors started appearing as if by magic! I had a scan of my kidney and it looked fine which is good news. They think I've had an infection if not still have one but the antibiotics aren't working but instead are covering up what's going on when they culture my urine in the lab so I've had to have 72 hours off the antibiotics and will go back on to the ward tomorrow for some more tests. They said they will admit me if I'm not better. Honestly I'm not sure I am better but I don't feel horrendous. We've had an impromptu visit from the in laws and now my mother in law has bad food poisoning and is staying with us until she feels better. I'd like to point out here that she ate some dodgy fish in a restaurant when I was in hospital and so hadn't eaten anything at ours..... Not my fault!!!

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