It's so nice being home and 15 weeks today

I am at home but still on antibiotics. I had an appointment at the antenatal clinic yesterday and instead of my consultant, I saw the most ridiculous registrar who didn't seem to know what he was meant to be doing. He gave me some very contradictory and worrying advice about my antibiotics and I left the appointment really very cross indeed. I phoned my consultants secretary at 9am and she was lovely. As soon as I said who I had seen she groaned and knew exactly where I was coming from. She said that she would get the consultant to phone me about the appointment so hopefully I can have a phone appointment with her an not be fobbed off by this registrar.

On the huge plus side, I helped with some doctors training yesterday and got scanned for 3 hours. 3 whole hours of sheer indulgence looking at the baby on the screen. Never again will I think that scanning someone is easy! Wow these doctors were pretty hopeless at scanning and the sonographers helping them were such professionals.

The baby was ever so active and it looked incredibly sweet. I saw it swallowing which was funny to watch. Oh I fell head over heels in love with this gorgeous little baby who God has trusted us to look after. I cannot wait to meet him or her.

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