Hypnobirthing and 24+1 weeks

Having just had possibly the most stressful few weeks at work, it was unsurprising that my blood pressure was high when I went to the midwife last week. She told me that I had to slow down and reconsider work because I was at risk of a pre term birth. I emailed my boss and he has organised for me to not be in work for an extra two afternoons in addition to the day off I have anyway and not to be doing any extra duties etc. This is a huge relief as I will be able to do all my paperwork over a longer period of time and it will mean I can do all my management bits I work time rather than working until 11pm and getting up at 6am...and also working weekends too.
We had our first hypnobirthing class last night. The lady came to our house and we are having a private class which is really good. We talked about the theory for hypnobirthing and it seems to make a huge amount of scientific sense. We did a relaxation session at the end and also watched a hypnobirth which was really calm. I'm so excited!
Latest name ideas from some children... Anakin, Yoda, Rubella, Chocolate, Tiger, Kitty, James, Lilly and Holly.... The little boy who said Rubella was totally serious as he thought it sounded nice for a girl... I had the let him down by telling him it was a disease!! He was rather disappointed!

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