28 weeks +2 days

Hooray I made it to 28 weeks!  This is a big milestone not least because my consultant wasn't sure I'd get there!
There have been a couple of moments en route to 28 weeks that have been worrying especially when I thought that labour might be starting in the week. The surges got so much more intense and it was so uncomfortable. Nothing I did would relieve them. Fortunately they eased off and i was able to get into the bath time relax.
The third trimester tiredness has hit big time but when I think what my body is coping with, I think that I'm actually managing brilliantly! I need to keep this in mind and not blame myself for not being 100 percent. I have a very hectic and physically and emotionally draining job that it tiring at the best of times let alone with the extra demands of being on senior management, I work from getting up to going to bed, I have severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and have been off medication for 14 months... Oh and I'm growing a baby!! A baby that has got big enough to reach 28 weeks! It a wriggly little thing and likes to kick mostly on the top right hand side near my ribs, and punch my left hip area. Doing somersaults is a favourite past time, as is trying to fit under my right ribcage! The baby likes to play games with me when I poke it, he or she pokes back! Awake time seems to be about 11pm when little Bear is really useful for a good play. Just when I want to get to sleep! I often wake up at 5.45 when the baby is wriggling then too.
Oh I do love this little baby!

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