Trying again..

Bother! I wasn't pregnant after all... Why do bodies play tricks with you?! After a ridiculously long cycle and seriously convincing pregnancy symptoms, I'm not pregnant this month. I do remember this happening the cycle before I fell pregnant the first time.

My consultant's secretary phoned in the week to say that my consultant wants me to go in for a methotrexate blood test that will find out if I have any methotrexate left in my system. She's taken so long to organise this that I'm about 4 months post last methotrexate dose but I thought I'd ought to double check it really is out of my system now.

My joints have been behaving themselves off medication incredibly well. I started flaring badly last night and was in a lot of pain. Today isn't brilliant either but it did make me realise how well I'd been coping. Long may it continue!

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