16 weeks

Time really does seem to fly by when you already have a child to look after!  How am I already 16 weeks?!

The sickness is abating and I think I am probably back to normal morning sickness levels now rather than HG. This is such a huge relief and wonderful to feel more normal.  I was bed bound pretty much for the first 3 months of pregnancy and yesterday, by comparison, I had my haircut and went with my 3 year old to the beach.

No kicking yet but feeling what I think are some movements but it is very hard to tell.  I'm still not in maternity jeans (I was by 9 weeks last time!) and I'm sure the bump is smaller this time. I don't suppose I've put on much weight due to the HG which doesn't help.

My joints are sore and I feel tired and like they are about to flare. I had a consultant appointment last week and the new advice is that you are able to stay on the Anti TNFs until about 15 weeks pregnant. I was told this too late though! I think the advice must be very very new. I suspect that given the option I would have come off them anyway to ensure no medication was in my system for pregnancy. I feel like I am verging on needing to go onto a course of steroids though soon unfortunately. I've had so many this year already!

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