16+2 Joints have given up

Oh I am in so much pain. Last night I got no sleep at all because both wrists and my right knee were excruciatingly painful. I'm tired - tired recovering from hyperemesis, tired from growing a baby, tired because of flaring joints and tired from looking after my 3 year old. It is so hard to keep going physically.  My blue badge needs renewing and I've been asked to come to an assessment. I went to one last time and it was such an inaccurate way of deciding if someone needed a badge or not. I dread not being given another one. To me it's the difference between being able to go out or not. I need to have the certainty that I will be able to park near to where I am going. If I don't have that I'm worried I will become isolated and not be able to go out. Life is a struggle enough with joint pain and fatigue let alone having the badge refused.

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