17 weeks

Yesterday at 17+0 I felt the baby roll over! It was the funniest feeling and I don't remember feeling that sensation with my first baby. I'm sitting here feeling little kicks now and it is just lovely. I am looking forward to the bigger kicks this time as it's so magical.

My eldest likes to cuddle and kiss my bump. She's been choosing some books of hers to read to the baby when he or she arrives.

I keep calling the baby a he and I'm certain he or she is a boy...we mostly have decided on a boy's name or two but are stuck for girls names.

The hyperemesis seems to have subsided now thank goodness. It was awful. The contractions I'm getting are still strong and relatively frequent during the day.


  1. I have just read through your blog after stumbling upon it online. I'm so chuffed to hear you're now pregnant for the second time - congratulations! It has been really lovely reading your blog.

    I'm 25, have psoriatic arthritis and am on methotrexate. I'm starting to think about having children soon so it's been really helpful to read your blog.

    How did you find looking after a baby with arthritis? And did you go back to work following your mat leave? If so, how did you cope with this? Xx

  2. Thank you for your comment. You might find an Australian book helpful - you can order it online from the author. Google Arthritis, pregnancy and the path of parenthood (I think!). If you can't find it just shout and I'll find my copy of the check the name. The new advice for stopping Mtx is 3 months before trying to conceive which is much better than the 6 months they used to recommend.

    Looking after a young baby was very very hard as I flared for a long time afterwards but eventually that subsided and I found the best medication was breastfeeding! I was in much less pain when I was breastfeeding. I stopped when my first child was nearly 2 and my symptoms got worse. I didn't go back to the work after mat leave but that was personal choice rather than due to my arthritis. Many of my friends without medical issues say that it is far less tiring going back to work than staying at home looking after their children!