26 weeks tomorrow

I've been getting terrible back pain lately and chiropractic doesn't seem to be helping so today I tried osteopathy. The man I saw comes very highly recommended so I am hoping it will really help.

The baby is moving a lot and wriggles around. My 4 year old enjoys talking to the baby and introduces herself as the baby's big sister. It is so sweet.

I saw the obstetrician this week and he has said that I have got to rest and if this involves childcare for my daughter then so be it otherwise he's concerned I am going to need respite care in hospital.

I've been getting less contractions which is much more comfortable but feel completely exhausted.

The baby's room is pretty much sorted with the changing table and cot set up. I'm keen to try cloth nappies this time so have borrowed lots.

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  1. Hi.How are you doing? I follow your posts x