A day off

Will I never learn to rest on my day off?!  Somehow it seemed like a good idea to do too much driving, cook dinner, visit Hobbycraft (oh how I love that shop!) and have friends with babies over.  Result - one very painful and exhausted body.  It is getting much colder here now and I am feeling the cold in my bones.  Keeping warm is something I work hard to do over the winter but in my job I spend a lot of time outside, so as the temperature drops, usually the worse I feel as I can't jump up and down to keep warm!

The baby making plan is in it's first month here but I am pretty sure ovulation didn't happen.  I feel really disappointed as I am under pressure to conceive as quickly as possible so that I am off the medication for as little time as possible and hopefully my arthritis will go into remission.

I am not sure how much more pain I can actually cope with day in day out. It is getting so so hard.

Please check out Charlie's brilliant blog at http://www.itsallaboutgettingfromatob.blogspot.com/  She is on a similar journey to me.


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