Emotional meltdowns....

Now tell me why this always happens when there is no chocolate in the house?

All day I have been holding back tears and struggling through work.  I am just not sure how much more pain and fatigue I can take without having a complete meltdown.  It is made all the harder because there are only very few people I can talk to as A and I are wanting to keep the news of trying to conceive fairly quiet right now.  People can't understand why the medication "isn't working" at the moment and why I am in such a bad way so I am soldiering on trying my very best not to let it show how bad I am feeling.

I have a day off tomorrow so I intend to use it as a duvet day and I might even stay in my pyjamas for as long as possible!

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  1. Poor you, and shame on your other half for not have chocolate stocked up for you, LOL! Tough when you cant talk to people, I'm lucky that people do know our plans - it just makes the family very worried about me. I'm sure there must be tons of people in this position lets hope this can make a difference.