The balance between rest and doing things

Well this morning I have been for a run, make a cake, cleaned the house, finished my craft project, doing the washing, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the oven and had a cup of tea.

Did you believe me?!

No ok, I admit! I'd have liked to have achieve the aforementioned :-) but in reality I have cleaned the bathroom, made lunch and had a cup of tea!  And frankly, I really do need a rest already which is disappointing.

Getting the balance between getting enough rest and doing enough is really difficult.  I think that I am hard-wired to do too much and not rest enough.  Even when I am 'resting' I have to be doing something at the same time!!

I am finding the need to rest more and more now which is just not fun.  I am the kind of person that has a lot of get up and go so sitting or lying down for anymore than about 3 minutes is just against my character.  Before I had JIA my family used to joke that I had ants in my pants!

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