A bright new day! (in the words of the musical Blood Brothers!)

"A bright new day, we're moving away, we're starting all over again!"...the only place I'm moving to is a happier place but yes I am starting all over again - I have picked myself off the floor, pulled myself together and given myself a seriously good talking to.  I will not let this ridiculous disease come between me being me, and my "normal-ish" life!  This renewed and sparkly attitude was nearly squashed when the NRS delivery man dropped off my many new pieces of equipment to help with the decline in my joints...but after some thought as to how I'm going to customise it in a Pimp My Ride style, I feel slightly more at ease.  

I wonder what my family and friends are going to make of this new equipment.  I am hoping that it will be met with ridicule and mocking of me which will help me adjust to it I think!  My husband got home from work and promptly had a ride on the bath lift!  Right I'm off to have a go on it too now that the hot water has heated up.

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  1. Your equipment will help, when i had mine i was worried about what others think, but because it helps me i don't care anymore..
    Seeing your bath lift has made me think, and i am going to talk to my OT, so thanks..
    Take care..x