I love my GP!

Ah my lovely GP has been lovely again! She really seems to care how I am doing generally regardless of what I've gone to see her about.  Today she's given me some medication to help with the horrible spots caused by the steroids so we shall see how that goes.  She also talked to me about TTC and has suggested that she refers me to a GP who specialises in fertility because of my arthritis and the need to crack on.  I am trying to not get unduly worried by this and I really hope that she doesn't think that there is a problem with my fertility.

It has been such a cold day here that I've been struggling to keep my hands working.  They aren't doing too well so I'm putting the hot water on for a bath.  The weather forecast said to expect 10cm of snow over the weekend.  As I am already wearing many layers, including my thermals, I am not sure what else to put on to protect against the cold.  Unfortunately I can't stay in the warm as I have to work part of this weekend.

I hope that you all have exciting plans for the weekend.

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