On holiday with good friends

We have been mostly on holiday this week with friends, staying in a lovely Grade 2 listed house in the countryside. We have played lots of croquet, had good food and sat in the sun. I've managed to knit a fair bit more of the baby jacket I've been making.

I've been finding that despite having more energy than in the first trimester, I still need to get to bed at a decent time and sit down much more than in the first few months. I feel that the bump has got quite heavy and standing up for long isn't ideal. Walking any distance isn't great either as I feel that the baby is quite low and coupled with round ligament pain/stretching, it's all pretty uncomfortable. I've been getting Braxton Hicks contractions since very very early on and they are getting pretty wearing now. I really do feel the need to rest which is a feeling that is new to me in general life

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