A stitch

Ooh I have a bad stitch on one side of the ever growing bump. Google tells me it's just my uterus stretching but I feel like I've been on a long distance run without realising!!

We took up the amazing offer from Huggies in Sainsburys this week and bought three packs of nappies and got 27 normal sized packs of wipes for free! Bargain! I also got a bit excited about buying tiddly clothes and bought the baby a pack of little vests, two matching hats, a gro bag and a gorgeous knitted blanket. It all feels a bit more real now that we've started to buy the baby things and clearing out the nursery in preparation to be painted.

My joints have been flaring this week and I have a telephone appointment with my consultant next week. I'm half considering going back onto some medication which would be safe I pregnancy but I'd really rather not if I can help it.

The baby has been kicking a fair amount which has just been so lovely. I can feel the kicks from the outside now which is very exciting! I wish the baby would kick more often!!

I am 19+3 today and have the 20 week scan next week. I feel a little nervous about the scan because of all the things they are looking for but I know what ever happens, God is totally in control and will equip my husband and I to deal with what we need to.

I am busy knitting at the moment, as is my mum and granny! The baby is going to have so many lovely knitted clothes. Scrummy!

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